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Welcome to my Slick Pic Home. I am Deborah Ponder, an award winning, published, professional photographer with decades of experience in all areas of photography and digital art. My business name is Images de Photographe. I live in Greater Cincinnati, USA.

My natural talent began as a high school yearbook photographer who studied with many area professional photographers and was sponsored by my high school to attend seminars, including journalism and yearbook creation at the University of Kentucky and with a major department store photographic department. 

I am available for consignments and events with an unlimited ability to travel. 
That's all--it's not about me, it's about my work.

Please reach out to me if interested in any of these images. I create them in any medium, including fine art prints, large format, glass, metal, and acrylic.
Please e-mail me with your order interest - my consultations are obligation free. 

To see some of my work in person, please visit my Painted Tree booth at Crestview Hills Mall, Edgewood, Ky and you can find me at art fairs around Greater Cincinnati.

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